Wednesday, June 12, 2013

how to make cookies & cream (my version)

Hello guysss! so if youre following me on instagram & add my path you have already seen my cookies & cream home made pict like about 50 times so i wanna share how to make cookies & cream because so many of you are ask me how to make it so yeah lets get started!

1. White Milk (mine is low fat milk from ultra milk but you can use other brand)

2. 3 Oreos
3. 1 Biscuit (mine is regal biscuit but you can use other brand)

4. Ice cubes


1. Juice Blender
2. Glass

1. Pour the milk into the blender

2. Put the 3 oreos into the blender

3. Turn on the blender

4. Put the biscuit into the blender

5. Turn off the blender
6. Pour into the glass
7. anddd the 'Cookies & Cream home made' is ready to serve!

so yeaaah hope you like this post & if you're making this please send me the picture! <3
thankyou for reading my blog! :)