Thursday, December 19, 2013

Being A Tourist In My Own Country

so i suddenly went to bandung on Saturday, not for holiday-weekend but me and my fam want to buy winter supplies because my sister said bandung sell a lot cheaper than in jakarta so yeah we did it.

so on saturday at 11am we arrived at Hyatt Regency Hotel, we were greeted with a warm welcome > they gave us guava juice
and there's a huge christmas tree that makes me realize that holiday is coming yayy
and we had lunch in the hotel
this is my lunch, its Spaghetti with an olive oil and some vegetables and i ordered an ice tea, and also mix fruits as the desserts.

and then we got in our hotel room, we just go straight jump into the huge king size bed. after pray ashar, we just go straight to FO (Factory Outlet) first we went to The Secret store and then to Branded Club Boutique, Cascade store and another FO (i really cant remember the store's name) i think we went to 6 FO on saturday hmm ikr what a day!

my fam got a loooot of stuff in Bandung, me? well i'm all fine because i already bought all the supplies in jakarta (Forever21, Topshop, H&M, Steve Madden, Uniqlo >> they have a great bargain & sale sooo why not?)

after we were done with the shopping, we had our dinner in 'Warung Misbar (pesta rakyat)' its a greaaaat place to reminisce Indonesian old great movies and great actors/actress in indonesia like Benyamin, or the great tv show Warkop DKI uhh i miss that one! (although i wasnt born in that year but tbh its a great comedian show) and the place just like a duplicate of Comic Cafe in Jakarta, but the difference is Warung Misbar told us about indonesia's vintage movie and actor actress which is great but sadly my phone was died in that time, so i cant give you the picture :( 

when we got in our hotel room, i just jump straight to the bathub, ahhh after a long day finally i can relaxe my feet, mind & body.
feel so warm and i could sleep in! <3

On sunday (which is the 2nd day) in the morning i went for a breakfast ofc
    duck, saussages, grilled meat & omellete.

    and a mix cereal with white milk yuuumm!

    and after that i went to swimming pool
        its a beautiful weather tho! <3

   here's my outfit :
   idk where's my swimsuit from but my beach bag is from Victoria's Secret (in case youre wondering        where its from) oh and also my phone case is from VS :)

    and then we went to spa for a jacuzzi
and also i did some sauna thingy

i actually wanted to do gym thing, but sadly i didnt bring any trainers or running shoes ugh :(

& after we were getting ready to check out from the hotel, we went to Bandung Indah Plaza and ofc went to starbucks <3

and we went to a store that sell many winter supplies, its called Twig House and we got a loooooooot of things from there fyuhhh, we got some long jon or whatever is it called, and also gloves, scarfs, beanies, coats, boots and etc.

and afteeer that we went to Paris Van Java mall, its quite huge and complete. There are topshop, zara, bally, staccato, daiso, stradivarius and many more! but we go there just for a lunch in Javana Bistro

i ordered Misro Salmon With Tempura Sauce And Mash Potato and an ice lemon tea
itsss really yummy tho <3 

and then we went to Money Changer to exchange rupiah into american dollar and won (korea's currency) because i'll go to korea on December 25 yay!!!

and we finally go back to Jakarta <3

when we finally arrived in our home, we clean up all the things that we got in Bandung and this is the result of the shopping in these 2 days:
This has not all been derived from car!! and it was an uxpected shopping.

that's all my story for being a tourist in my own country hahaha :) 

see you in my other post! byee <3


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

how to make cookies & cream (my version)

Hello guysss! so if youre following me on instagram & add my path you have already seen my cookies & cream home made pict like about 50 times so i wanna share how to make cookies & cream because so many of you are ask me how to make it so yeah lets get started!

1. White Milk (mine is low fat milk from ultra milk but you can use other brand)

2. 3 Oreos
3. 1 Biscuit (mine is regal biscuit but you can use other brand)

4. Ice cubes


1. Juice Blender
2. Glass

1. Pour the milk into the blender

2. Put the 3 oreos into the blender

3. Turn on the blender

4. Put the biscuit into the blender

5. Turn off the blender
6. Pour into the glass
7. anddd the 'Cookies & Cream home made' is ready to serve!

so yeaaah hope you like this post & if you're making this please send me the picture! <3
thankyou for reading my blog! :)